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So this is My dirst critique so Ill make this fast.. Vision: SPECTACULAR I literally had no idea that this was drawn until u said so in...

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Arotiar Kirri
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hey guys... you most likely wanna know what I do... so let me explain

My specialty are basically doodling in Manga studio, and drawing on actual paper.... sadly im still working on putting my draw works up.....

I'm also attempting to teach myself blender (An animation studio) but that will most likely be a while til that's up and running....

Favorite art style:

When It comes to art styles I try to lean towards anime... or completely into anime.. whatever works best.... I have did many sonic drawings, along with furry.... that basically about all.... I am very adaptive though when it comes to other styles, so feel free to ask me to draw anything of the sort....

Besides that, I'm a HUGE FNAF fan... and I also love any creepypasta stuff... from OC's to the original Jeff the Killer, and Slendy.....

Although I love creepypastas no book compares to my favorite Maximum Ride.... sadly at this point I havent read the newest one.... but just give it time.... :)......

Besides these things I do one other thing that takes up majority of my time.... I have a youtube channel, where I post Let's Plays daily...... please if you wanna check it out feel free.... maybe you'll like what you see.....

I think I'll leave the rest of the information about me in the interests.... enjoy my friends :)

Youtube: https/…


1st render
My first render in maya.... im getting used to the lighting but its still something Im super proud of
Hey guys this is a work in progress, still need to color it and all but still I hope you like :) also I'm think about opening up comissions so tell me if you would be interested in that.
An asset I made for a project :) maybe you'll see the final project, maybe not :P
Shorty Background
just alittle background I made for a project :) enjoy
Many Faces
This is just the several characters and personas that have come from Arotiar Kirri (the channel). I've really enjoyed my time on youtube and I'm enjoying even more as the days go on, the fact that I have played THIS MANY games, plus the ones that I couldn't fit on here is phenomenal, to those of you who follow me on deviantart, and my loyal subs from the tubes, thank you!
sooo I've finally start working on that book I've talked about.... and decided to throw out my first bio... it's thr main character and a good start to the book... of course I'm up for suggestions since I'm new to this... so any suggestions would be apreciated... just keep it low on the scrutiny... like I said I'm new to this... without further ado I give you Erika

Name: Erika Helm

Profession: assistant clock maker

Gender: female

Age: 16

Height: 5’ 6”

Weight: 115

Class: middle class

Eye color: green

Hair: long and black

Outfit: black button up and suit coat, golden tie, black skirt knee length with a white symbol meaning research, black goggles with golden lens, golden key on a dark gray chain, black boots with a gear pattern stitched into them.

Scars: none

Personality: quiet, calculated, [Erika see’s the world very differently then most, as most see it as a perfect utopia, she sees is as a reforming society and a dangerous one at that, she’s curious of the unknown and refuses to let it “go”]

Magic power & level: Blood intermediate

Strengths: witty, and able to adapt quickly, resourceful.

Weakness:  physically weak(ish), vulnerable to psychological attacks, is unable to use any weapons (was never trained)

Skills: building, puzzles, improvising

Education: has been taught to build clocks ever since she has been 6, has excelled in school, being one of the top of her class.

Likes: the color gold, clocks (specifically grandfather clocks), reading, research, puzzles

Dislikes: crowds, public attention, t.H.o.R, hierarchies

Friends: Hunter Ross
Family figures: Julia Helm, Tom Arcita
enemies: Richard Geir, Rien Deus

Location: Geldhearth
time period: 20XX (steampunk age)

Religious belief: feels that If there is a god he is ashamed of what his creations have done, making a controlling society after he sacrificed everything to set them free

Magic attributes: able control people via blood, and is able to give life to small objects

Goal: find out who killed her mother




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